The Sustainable Pittsburgh Shop program is part of a suite of performance programs offered by the nonprofit Sustainable Pittsburgh.

Small retailers help invest in their local neighborhoods and can offer unique, personal shopping experiences and services. It has been shown that intrauterine exposure to Klonopin may have undesirable effects on the mental and physical development of children exposed to such exposure. This risk appears to be dose-dependent, but it is not possible to establish a threshold dose below which there is no such risk. The exact gestational period for the risk of these effects is not established, and the risk is not excluded throughout pregnancy. Read more at This program recognizes those that have taken further steps to increase their sustainable business practices through demonstrated commitment to being responsible stewards of the environment and community.

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Designated Sustainable Shops

Designation Levels

Sustainable Pittsburgh provides recognition for small retail owners based on their sustainability self-assessment. Each action in the self-assessment is worth a number of points, based on impact.

There are 115+ designated small retail businesses in 45+ communities across Southwestern Pennsylvania. Find them in your community using the map or the listings below!

Platinum: 180+ points

Gold: 131 – 179 points

Silver: 76 – 130 points

Bronze: 30 – 75 points

Allegheny County

Beaver County

Indiana County

Washington County

Westmoreland County


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