Be Mighty When You Shop & Dine

By resolving to be Mighty, your small actions have a big impact on your community. You are helping to provide…
  • Quality jobs and sustainable incomes for members of your community
  • Economic stability and growth within your local economy
  • Fair and equal treatment for the local workforce

Look for these designation symbols at restaurants and shops near you or check out our map of designated businesses to learn more.

Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant

The Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant is a program by Sustainable Pittsburgh that supports and champions restaurants that are serious about their impact on people, the environment, and the region. We guide restaurants as they self-assess their impact on employees, the planet, and the economic prosperity of their communities.

Sustainable Pittsburgh Shop

The Sustainable Pittsburgh Shop program is a FREE designation offered by Sustainable Pittsburgh to advance our region’s small retail businesses. We believe when you implement actions that are good for the environment and neighbors, it is good for your bottom line as well.