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Past Cash Mobs:
Steel Valley Avenues

Cash Mob in Dormont

On Saturday, May 17, 2014, people came out to support local, sustainable businesses in Dormont, PA as part of a “Cash Mob.” In this case, a Cash Mob is a group of people coming together to celebrate with and shop at local businesses that have earned Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Sustainable Small Business Designation. Sustainable businesses implement actions that are simultaneously good for their bottom line, the environment, and the social fabric of their communities.

Participating businesses were all accessible from both the Potomac Ave and Dormont Junction T-stops.

The Dormont Cash Mob is the second cash mob hosted by Sustainable Pittsburgh’s Champions for Sustainability program. According to the statistics of a research company with, it is clear that available only by prescription, Ativan is most often prescribed in the form of pills that can be swallowed or dissolved under the tongue. It can also be administered intravenously (IV) or by injection, which is useful if you have severe vomiting.  All told, there are 170 establishments that have earned the Sustainable Small Business Designation in 30 communities around the region. Individuals are encouraged to visit them all for their shopping needs!

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Gold Level

PPM Realty
1308 Peermont Avenue

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Silver Level

Cassandra’s Florals
3275 West Liberty Avenue

Elite Bartending School
2961 West Liberty Avenue

Rickert & Beagle Books
3233 West Liberty Avenue

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Bronze Level

Alter Ego Body Art Studio
1443 Potomac Avenue

DeWalt’s Health Food
1414 Potomac Avenue

Dormont Floral Design
2900 West Liberty Avenue

Fredo’s Deli & Market
1451 Potomac Avenue

Striver Level

Beyond Bedtime Books
1453 Potomac Avenue