Who We Are

Because of Southwestern Pennsylvania’s emergence as a worldwide hotspot for advancements and innovations in sustainability policy and practice, Sustainable Pittsburgh launched Champions for Sustainability some ten years ago. This program brings together a network of companies large and small from many different industries, entrepreneurs, community leaders, university researchers, educators, and other social ventures.


Champions for Sustainability aspires to be the nation’s most effective region-based collaboration of leaders accelerating the practice and policy of sustainability in business and civic circles.

Champions for Sustainability provides value to firms and organizations that seek sustainable solutions to operational practices. Such value comes from:

  • Convening to tackle issues of common interest
  • Linking solutions to suppliers and customers
  • Consulting for specific operational needs
  • Innovating new enterprise

Sustainability means realizing value through adaptive capacities that integrate:

  • Solutions that provide short, medium, and long-term commercial success
  • Responsible actions that honor ethical values and respect people and communities
  • Approaches that minimize environmental impacts and promote environmental stewardship