Featured Programs

Sustainable Business Compact
The Southwestern Pennsylvania Sustainable Business Compact is a commitment and performance platform that provides a credible and rigorous pathway for businesses to advance and publicly demonstrate their corporate sustainability achievements.
Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge
The Sustainable Pittsburgh Challenge enables organizations to participate in a friendly challenge program where they can receive due recognition for their sustainable actions and achievements, which results in earning points.
Sustainable Pittsburgh Shop
The Sustainable Pittsburgh Shop program recognizes small retail businesses for implementing sustainability actions that are simultaneously good for their bottom line, the environment and their communities.
Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant
The Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant gets to the true heart of sustainability and demonstrates a commitment to managing the social and environmental impact of its operations as central to its strategy for economic success.

Who We Are

In response to Southwestern Pennsylvania’s emergence as a hotbed for advancements and innovations in sustainability policy and practice, Sustainable Pittsburgh launched Champions for Sustainability (C4S). C4S combines a ten-year strong network of sustainability leaders from companies big and small across sectors, entrepreneurs, community leaders, university researchers, educators, and others.


Upcoming Events

Check back for updates, or view upcoming workshops at Sustainable Pittsburgh’s events page and SPChallenge.org.