Business Sustainability Professionals

For organizations adopting sustainable business practices, appointing a sustainability manager is often an essential first step. Here in Southwestern Pennsylvania, a growing number of businesses have appointed sustainability managers (sometimes called coordinators or officers). The sustainability manager may be based in any of a range of departments, whether corporate social responsibility, marketing, communications, real estate, operations, HR, or another. It may be a dedicated position, or duties the sustainability manager performs among other responsibilities under another formal title. All can benefit from meeting regularly with peers through Champions for Sustainability’s Business Sustainability Professionals.

Since its formation in 2008, the Business Sustainability Professionals affinity group has proven highly valuable for these professionals in advancing their knowledge, highlighting achievements, and sharing emerging best practices for sustainable business practices. In addition, participants have played an important role in identifying needs for advancing their profession and developing resources and performance programs. The Green Workplace Challenge and Southwestern Pennsylvania Sustainable Business Compact are but two programs developed with leadership from this group.

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